Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oscar Nominees for Best Picture for 2010 films

Nominees for Best Picture Oscar for films from 2010:

Black Swan (capsule review)
The Fighter (capsule review)
Inception (capsule review)
The Kids Are All Right (capsule review)
The King's Speech (capsule review)
127 Hours (capsule review)
The Social Network (capsule review)
Toy Story 3
True Grit (capsule review)
Winter's Bone

I haven’t been knocked out by the greatness of any of the nominees that I have seen for 2010.  Several of the films are firmly in the “good” category. Last year I was much more enthusiastic about The Hurt Locker and Bright Star. The Hurt Locker actually won the Best Picture Oscar last year, which is unusual, since the Academy typically picks films that I don’t have much appreciation for. Closer to form, the Academy was blind to Bright Star, which was equally as brilliant as (and completely different from) The Hurt Locker, leaving it off the best picture nominations list entirely.

My plan is to write short reviews of each of the nominees, adding links here as each review is added. I haven’t seen three of these. Perhaps I will be able to add those in time.

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