Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Doctor is In

You are reading the first post on this blog. The focus will be primarily on written science fiction. To a lesser extent it will touch on the fantasy genre, sf movies, conventions, and anything else related the science fiction genre or community. If there is such a thing as a science-fictional way of looking at the world, this blog will attempt to see through sf-tinted glasses.


  1. The world seems to be supplying its own "special shades" lately. Some of my favorite weird perspectives include the Groucho Marx glasses of politics and the googly-eyes-on-springs specs that seem to inform the media. So heck yes, Doc -- bring on the sf-tinted glasses!

  2. Hi Laurie: If only our politicians were as entertaining as Groucho. When we are wearing our sf-tinted glasses I like to think that we are more capable to taking the long view, of seeing societal shifts and embracing them, of seeing environmental changes and working to moderate them. Makes me sound like quite the idealist, doesn't it?