Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oblivion: A Journey by Vandana Singh

The structure of “Oblivion: A Journey” is a fairly routine revenge story. What lifts it out of the ordinary is fine writing and an interesting Hindu background.

Vikram, seeking revenge for the deaths of his family and his world, chases the mass-murderer Hirasor across a far flung series of decadent or barely habitable planets. Along the way Vikram sacrifices everything that was once important: his gender, his sexuality, his relationships -- nearly everything that made him who he or she was -- as he turns himself into a single-minded killer. The ending offers just enough resolution to the story to be quite satisfying.

“Oblivion: A Journey” by Vandana Singh was first published in the anthology Clockwork Phoenix (Norilana Books, 2008) edited by Mike Allen
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