Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Night Cache by Andy Duncan

"The Night Cache" is a love story. While working at Yarns Ignoble bookstore, Jenny and Destiny have a "meet-cute" moment. They share an interest in scary old movies, ciphers, and geocaching. They become lovers. Tragedy intervenes. The story is told sweetly, with a charming sense of humor and a wonderful ear for dialog. It left me wanting more.

"The Night Cache" by Andy Duncan first appeared as The Night Cache (PS Publishing, 2009) by Andy Duncan.  This novelette was produced in an excellent hardback edition from the estimable small press PS Publishing. Having that edition at hand, I can say it is worth getting a copy. PS Publishing produces remarkable books year after year. Please see the "SF Small Press" list of links at the right for this and other small publishers that deserve your attention.

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  1. I have recently placed an order for this book after I read several reviewer's lavishly praising recollection of this book. The fact that it is now a nominee for the World Fantasy Award, and that PS Publishing is offering the special edition at a very-very reasonable price, must be helping the book to gain a much wider readership. Nevertheless, impressive review.

  2. Riju: Thanks for the comment. Andy Duncan's "The Night Cache" is a deserving nominee for the World Fantasy Award. This years winners will be announced later this month, Halloween weekend.