Sunday, November 15, 2009

Syfy cancels columnists

Locus Online reports: “SCI FI Wire, the online news division of Syfy (formerly the Sci Fi Channel), has canceled all their columns, including long-running series from John Clute, Wil McCarthy, and Michael Cassutt.”

The folks at Syfy have reduced the chance that I will visit their site. A tip of the hat to Erin Kissane at for providing links (and links to links) to John Clute’s Excessive Candour book review columns dating back over 10 years. Clute's columns are more than just book reviews: They are meditations, offering a depth of insight rarely seen elsewhere in the science fiction community. Here’s hoping Clute and the other columnists will find online or print homes for their future work elsewhere.

John Clute’s book review columns have found a new home, every six weeks starting in 2010 at Strange Horizons.

Locus Online on cancellation of columns
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