Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random links

Bill Moyer's Journal features an interview with David Simon, creator of The Wire. If you've seen The Wire, you won't be surprised that Simon doesn't pull any punches. Read the article.

An overview of international science fiction and fantasy for 2010 compiled by Jeff VanderMeer. Read the article.

John Joseph Adams writes about dystopian fiction. Oh, and he has edited an excellent anthology of dystopian fiction, too. Read the article.

An SF Signal Mind Meld: "What's your favorite literary dystopia?" With responses by Paolo Bacigalupi, M.T. Anderson, Elaterina Sedia, John Joseph Adams, and others. Read the article.

Joseph E. Stiglitz writes that one percent of Americans control 40 percent of the wealth. That's not a good thing, even for the wealthy one percent. Read the article.

Race, Again, Still by Nisi Shawl: "Jim (James Patrick Kelly) asked Ted (Chiang) if he thought he could have written those stories back in the 19th century, without the benefit of an SF tradition. 'Assuming I didn't die working on a railroad,' Ted said." Read the article.

Geoge R.R. Martin's top ten science fiction movies with good remarks about each film. "Leslie Nielsen plays Captain Kirk a decade before William Shatner, and does it better." Read the article.

Patrick Ness's top ten "unsuitable" books for teenagers. In other words: Teenagers should seek these out immediately. Read the article.

"Goodnight Dune:" a sweet and nostalgic combination of Frank Herbert's Dune and Margaret Wise Brown's Goodnight MoonRead the illustrated story.

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