Monday, August 22, 2011

2011 Hugo Awards ceremony photos

A selection of my photos from the 2011 Hugo Awards ceremony held at the Peppermill Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada, on August 20. Congratulations to the recipients and the nominees.
Connie Willis,
Best Novel
"Blackout/All Clear"
Presenter Robert Silverberg, Connie Willis, and
Sheila Williams, Best Editor, Short Form.
Allen M. Steele,
Best Novelette
"The Emperor of Mars"
Mary Robinette Kowal,
Best Short Story
"For Want of a Nail"
Clarkesworld, Best SemiProzine,
Neil Clarke, Kate Baker, Sean Wallace,
and (not pictured) Cheryl Morgan
The Drink Tank, Best Fanzine,
Christopher J Garcia and James Bacon
Christopher J Garcia
Claire Brialey,
Best Fan Writer
Lynne M. Thomas and Tara O'Shea
Best Related Work,
"Chicks Dig Time Lords"
Lev Grossman,
John W. Campbell Award
for Best New Writer
Marina Gelineau, stained-glass artist,
designer of the 2011 Hugo Award trophy base.
Marina Gelineau's 2011 Hugo Award trophy base,
each unique and made of five layers of decorated glass
fused together in a kiln.
Lou Anders,
Best Editor, Long Form
Presenter Dave Kyle with Gay Haldeman,
recipient of the Forrest J Ackerman
Big Heart Award
Phil and Kaja Foglio, and Cheyenne Wright,
Best Graphic Story
Presenters Betsy Tinney, Alexander James Adams,
S.J. Tucker, who together comprise Tricky Pixie.
Jay Lake, along with Ken Scholes (not pictured),
served as master of ceremonies.
Sharon Sbarsky, Hugo Awards ceremony organizer,
and presenter George R.R. Martin.

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